I promessi sposi streaming

Ponchielli: Promessi Sposi

i promessi sposi streaming

Jul 29, I promessi sposi;. by: Manzoni, Alessandro, ; Folli, Riccardo. Publication date: Publisher: Milano, Briola. Collection: robarts.


Amilcare Ponchielli was an Italian composer, mainly of opera. Born on 31st August , in Paderno Fasolaro, now Paderno Ponchielli, near Cremona, Ponchielli won a scholarship at the age of nine to study music at the Milan Conservatory, writing his first symphony by the time he was ten years old. Two years after leaving the conservatory he wrote his first opera -- it was based on Alessandro Manzoni's great novel I promessi sposi The Betrothed -- and it was as an opera composer that he eventually found fame. Read more about Amilcare Ponchielli on Last. Login Save and share your playlist with your friends when you log in. Create account Make and save your favorite music on your Music Folder.

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Video art. Behind the scenes. Interview with Claudio Castelli. Who is Claudio Castelli? Before that, I was born in Siena, the 2nd march of , but i always lived in Grosseto till i was 19, where i had a "classical" highschool education, studing Latin, ancien Greek, philosophy, french, story, italian medieaval literature etc. Enjoying the big cultural difference a very strong and exciting experience and starting working for first time in "my field", as illustrator and video-artist. It was a torture, cause, since I was in Greece, I dedicated myself to painting, sculpting and computer art.

I promessi sposi

A nocturnal voyage into the bowels of the Earth. The camera follows the work of a machine that is digging tunnels for new underground railway lines.

Die Verlobten

It was first seen in , and while a moderate success, the libretto was considered so bad that the opera disappeared. Later another composer set the same story, to better effect, and in , with a revised libretto and music, Ponchielli again presented the work. The libretto was still acknowledged as very weak, but the opera itself fared better. Scenes are disjointed, motivations are weak or puzzling, and so on. A thumbnail evaluation of the music, however, would have to concede a certain tunefulness, the occasional piece of genuinely clever writing a scene for mezzo and soprano with offstage choral interjections, for instance , and a few stirring if formulaic rum-tum-tum arias and duets. This performance, on the other hand, makes you want to find the score and burn it. Nor, in the quest for kindness, will I mention the chorus, which has enough to do so that the lack of professionalism in general and the under-pitch caterwauling of the tenors really grates, albeit in a laughing-through-your-tears, Florence Foster Jenkins sort of way.

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I Promessi Sposi




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