Que significa stricto sensu


que significa stricto sensu

Afastamento remunerado para cursar pos-graduacao

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Alojamiento humano

Sensu is a Latin word meaning "in the sense of". It is used in a number of fields including biology , geology , linguistics , semiotics , and law. Commonly it refers to how strictly or loosely an expression is used in describing any particular concept, but it also appears in expressions that indicate the convention or context of the usage.

Pro-Reitoria de Pos-Graduacao



Tipos de pos-graduacao e suas diferencas

sensu stricto





tutte le cose che non sai di lui



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    RESULTS: The Brazilian Postgraduate system is divided in two different fields, according to its aspects: the "lato sensu" postgraduate, defined as all professional studies performed after the high school graduation; and the "stricto sensu" postgraduate that includes the master degree and the doctorate, both of them different from what is known as MSc or MS and PhD.

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