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Media24 And HuffPost To End Partnership In South Africa

huffington post south africa

Huffington Post SA


The country had rules of navigation, they told me, but ones more complicated and intuitive than a computer could manage. You could drive through this neighborhood, but not at night. You could drive through that one, but roll up your windows, especially if you are white. It was sad, everybody would say; sad that the once-segregated country seemed not to have fully gotten over its past. But that was the way it was. Those were the rules.

HuffPost formerly The Huffington Post and sometimes abbreviated HuffPo [3] is an American news and opinion website and blog , with localized and international editions. It is edited from a left wing political perspective. The Huffington Post was launched on May 9, , as a commentary outlet, blog, and an alternative to news aggregators such as the Drudge Report.
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The companies launched HuffPost South Africa as a partnership in November , with Media24 operating the newsroom and driving the commercial aspect of the partnership. Advertising revenues for HuffPost in South Africa have however been challenging. As an innovative and responsible business, we will continue to respond effectively to the market's needs and explore new digital opportunities. HuffPost SA was ranked the ninth biggest news site in South Africa in June with a readership of 1,63 million unique users, according to Effective Measure. Andreij Horn, CEO of Jared Grusd, CEO of HuffPost, said: "We are proud of the editorial work and journalism from the South African edition and commend its ability to scale a loyal audience in such a short period of time. We continue to invest and grow HuffPost's capabilities and audience, both globally and in the African continent.

Welcome to Huffington Post South Africa

Cite this article Hide citations. Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, 16 Sep., The Huffington Post is a well-known global news and opinion website that features news, satire, blogs, and original content, covering stories from politics to entertainment and comedy, to environmental and socio-economic issues.

A fake HuffPo blog about white male privilege cost its non-white female South Africa editor her job

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Dinner parties. Shopping queues. Airline seats. Even the steam room at my local gym. South Africans have a deep and abiding love for all things current affairs, and will put any talking head on TV to shame with their political analysis or take on the latest celebrity break-up.

This time around the Press Ombudsman found that Huffington Post South Africa should apologise to AfriForum in public after publishing fake news, which comes down to a serious contravention of the press code of ethics and conduct in South Africa. Now they have a popular radio presenter in their sights on Huffington Post South Africa. At the time former HuffPost SA editor-in-chief Verashni Pillay resigned but she later won her appeal against the hate speech ruling when the Appeals Panel of the Press Council set aside the ruling. This time around, the new editor Du Toit claimed in an article that:. Another opportunity to scare whites into joining the two sister organisations by creating false narratives. The Press Ombudsman found that Du Toit indeed had the right to express his opinions, but that there were no grounds to attribute to AfriForum certain allegations as fact.

Huffington Post South Africa launched with a bang #HuffPostSA


South Africa news and opinion. Trending. Report: Colts QB Andrew Luck To Retire After Latest Injury, Is 'Mentally Worn Down' G7 Nations Squabble As.
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    Welcome to Huffington Post South Africa

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    Although the US media giant had been live in SA for a week already, the official launch was held a week later due to the

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