Cool tie dye designs

Tie-Dye Techniques to try

cool tie dye designs

The 'folds' (or bundles) are one of the main components in creating unique tie dye patterns as it prevents the dye from reaching certain areas.


Tie dye techniques, tie dye fashion, tie dye discounts. Shop Now 0. You have no items in your shopping cart. All Categories Products Promotions. Techniques - TieDye. Who knew tie-dyeing could be this easy? How To Tie Dye.

In the mood for a summer craft? Here are some super fun tie-dye techniques to make with your friends, kids, or even for fundraisers, family gatherings or even group bonding activities. For most of these, we used Tulip One-Step Kit. I LOVE this kit, it has so many beautiful, bright colors and all you have to do is add water and shake for each bottle. Click on photo to see more details on the product affiliate link. The kit comes with a cover, gloves, and rubber bands. For all of these projects, you have to let the dye set for six hours before washing in the sink until the water turns clear.

Back in the '60s, when tie-dye shirts made their debut in America, they were a sign of rebellion. At that time the hippie movement was in its infancy, and sporting a tie-dye made it obvious that you were not a supporter of the status quo. These days, rocking a tie-dye doesn't quite make someone instantly stand out from the crowd anymore. However, it's still entirely possible to make some tie-dye shirts so amazing that everyone is talking about them. We all know it's not easy, but you can make a name for yourself -- who hasn't heard of Phillip Brown? In its simplest form, tie-dying can be pretty easy to do. However, we all see stuff at every show and we say, "whoa.

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Updated February 20, with 5 more tie dye designs, including Captain America tie dye shirts. There are many more techniques that are so easy to try and get terrific results. Best of all, there are ways you can tie dye that are far less messy, such as using Sharpies or even Kool Aid or sugar that you can do with kids recommended with supervision by an adult. Make a Mickey Mouse tie dye t-shirt for your next trip to Disney. Create heart themed tie dye shirts for someone special.

The Secrets To Eye-Popping Tie-Dye Shirts, Every Time

How to Tie Dye: Water Drop

40 Fun and Colorful DIY Tie Dye Designs

Show less Tie dyeing is a favorite fabric craft for kids and adults of all ages. By using a variety of tying methods, you can create interesting patterns with your tie dye. Speaking of dye, there are many pre-made kinds you might use, most of which you can find at your local craft store or general retailer. You could make your own dye out of natural materials as well! Whether using commercial dyes or your own homemade type, the procedure will be mostly the same. You'll need to tie your fabric to create cool patterns with your dye, prepare the fabric for dyeing, and then soak your fabric in the dye to create your tie dye masterpiece.

Tie Dye Folding Techniques 16 vibrant tie dye patterns tiedyeyoursummer michaelsmakers Although tie dye has been around for ages, it is one crafting trend that will never get old. A few tips to keep in mind before you begin:. Crumple Tie Dye Technique Lay the fabric flat. Begin scrunching the fabric together with your fingers. Continue scrunching the fabric until you have everything in a crumpled mound.

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