Klaus dona unsolved mysteries


klaus dona unsolved mysteries

Welcome to Klaus Dona's World of Unsolved Mysteries. Here you will find many many unusual and strange artifacts that do not fit into any accepted historical.

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Klaus Dona confirms giant bones from Ecuador. Kensington Runestone. Images: 1 2 3 4. Pyramid with 13 steps and eye. Pyramid under black light. Bottom of the pyramid with inlay of the orion constellation and unknown writing. Genetical disk from Colombia.

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Welcome to our strange and weird world of unsolved ancient mysteries. Here you will find many unusual artifacts and evidence of lost and mostly forgotten people of our ancient past. From clay pot batteries to crystal skulls to giant bones, here you will find information on these and many more discoveries that defy explanation to many archeaologists and historians. A few are generally accepted as fakes or the official explanation will not go with new information that have been found by alternative and weekend researchers. The decision is yours to either accept these artifacts as real evidence of lost technologies and knowledge or you can accept the official explanations given by the professionals in archeaology and history.

Klaus Dona

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Klaus Dona: Unsolved Mysteries Of The Ancient Kind

Sign in. Michael McKean shares a surprising pick that made his Watchlist. Watch now. Indiana Jones, the fictional adventurer and treasure seeker introduced in Raiders of the Lost Ark lit the world on fire with ideas of ancient mystical legends. But little is known about our true ancient past. Klaus Dona, an adept researcher on a quest for artifacts, held the world's first Unsolved Mysteries exhibit to Vienna in

I have received confirmation on giant bones from Ecuador! Klaus Dona confirms giant bones from Ecuador: - All these bones belonged to a 7. Klaus Dona is an artefact researcher from Austria. During his work he discovered that there were quite a lot of archaeological findings that were hard to explain. He came across some bones from Ecuador, and examinations by experts confirmed that they belonged to a 7. It was a Canadian reader of these webpages that passed on a link to a slide show on Youtube that he had come across.





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