Florence creativity autunno 2017

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florence creativity autunno 2017

Florence Creativity in Florence is the fun and colourful event dedicated to the world of handmade, creativity and imagination.

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Link to the website of the University of Pennsylvania Press. Below an excerpt from the introduction to the study from the site of the University of Pennsylvania Press, which will publish the study by Professor Emanuela Guano Georgia State University:. In the s, the city of Genoa in northern Italy was suffering the economic decline and the despondency common to industrial centers of the Western world at that time. Deindustrialization made Genoa a bleak, dangerous, angry city, where the unemployment rate rose alongside increasing political violence and crime and led to a massive population loss as residents fled to find jobs and a safer life elsewhere. But by the s a revitalization was under way. Many Genoese came to believe their city was poised for a renaissance as a cultural tourism destination and again began to appreciate the sensory, aesthetic, and cultural facets of Genoa, refining practices of a cultured urbanity that had long been missing.

Ciao Tutti! The Fall Study in Italy program is in full swing with a few trips already under our belt after the first week and a half. Our new home base for this year is Cortona, located in the region of Tuscany. Our hosts from the University of Georgia have housed us atop a hill along with their students. The hike is demanding but the view once we get to our residence is spectacular and more than worth the effort. The class in the Piazza della Repubblica in Cortona. Our first weekend was spent exploring Castiglion Fiorentino and Arezzo, which are both just a short bus or train ride away from Cortona.

I know about mixing iron oxides with water, I know about glazing and how to use traditional squirrel fur brushes and a million historical tidbits. All this and more I learned from my friend Enzo. Not only can he recite history, technique, artists and locations over the span of 5 centuries, he also paints, draws and teaches. I stumbled across Enzo four years ago when I was looking for something different to do in Florence, and my artistic life was set ablaze. Brightly colored designs, hanging on the walls or out on display, plates, cups, dishes and more, they are sold almost everywhere. Painted in vibrant reds, blues, yellows and greens, they scream Tuscany and Italy.

Dal 26 al 29 ottobre sara di scena alla Fortezza da Basso Florence Creativity Autunno , la manifestazione fiorentina dedicata alle arti manu.
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Florence Creativity in Florence is the fun and colourful event dedicated to the world of handmade, creativity and imagination. It is an appointment not to miss for the many fans of odd jobs, who here will be able to know the latest news in the industry and steal secrets, ideas and techniques to their own creations. It is a picturesque and attractive location, perfect for hosting one of the most anticipated events in the city. There will be a lot of courses, demonstrations and contests dedicated to cross-stitch, quilting, knitting, scrapbooking and cake design. Florence Creativity is open to the public from to Children are free up to 10 years and carers of disabled.

Ask the Tuscany Experts on our Forum. Florence Apartments on Airbnb. Book your Tour. Buy Museum Tickets. Book your Restaurant.

Week 1: Cortona, Castiglion Fiorentino, Arezzo, Florence!

Florence Creativity 26-29 Ottobre 2017

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