Circo orfei genova 2017


circo orfei genova 2017

Learn more about Circo Nelly Orfei circus posters and other circus related items from the private Back. Orfei Circus Poster - Italy, Tour City: Genova.

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His father didn't come from a circus background: an Austrian of Jewish descent, he had left his hometown of Gratz when the Nazi came to power, and took refuge in Italy. There he worked as a clown under the name of Enrico "Enrichetto" Fumagalli with Circo Liana, Nando e Rinaldo Orfei , which was until the s one of the major postwar Italian circuses the siblings later ended their association and ran separate circuses , and other circuses. Gianni's mother, Daisy Huesca b. Gianni and his brother, Daris b. May 15, in Morbegno, Italy , were trained in all acrobatic disciplines by their brother-in-law, Hans Bruckson. They performed with him in a remarkable tight-wire act, the Feller Boys , which combined all sorts of balancing feats with teeterboard A seesaw made of wood, or fiberglass poles tied together, which is used to propel acrobats in the air. For many years, the Feller Boys enjoyed a brilliant international career.

Coupon circo genova

Claudio Ambrosini Venice, is the author of vocal, instrumental, electronic, radio and lyrical works, oratories and ballets which have been presented in main international contemporary music festivals, or in theatres like La Scala Milan or La Fenice Venice., Biography Raised in a family who owned the circus company Circus Orfei, Moira became the symbol of circus in Italy and attained international fame.


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The Casartelli Family

They have used different titles over the years, most famously Medrano —a title they purchased from the Swoboda family of Austria, and which had no connection beside the use of its famous name with the legendary Parisian circus. The Casartellis run perhaps the most widely traveled circus organization in activity, having visited no less than twenty countries, some regularly, over the past sixty years as of —sometimes with up to three units touring simultaneously. They are also active in the safari and theme park business. In contrast with typical century-old Italian circus dynasties, the Casartelli family managed to become in just a few decades one of the largest circus families in Europe; it counts today about one hundred members. They have revived at its best the pre-war tradition of the great European traveling circuses-and-menagerie, with a large family-based company surrounded by some of the best acts in business. As artists, especially equestrians and animal trainers, the Casartellis won two Gold Clowns at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo in and , and they have given six command performances for four different Popes at the Vatican. The first known Casartelli active in the circus was Giuseppe Casartelli, who performed in the s—although not much is known of him.



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